2D and 3D characters creation

3D and 2D video industry evolves constantly: videos are getting more entertaining and characters are getting more diverse. To keep up to date you need to constantly improve characters quality, you need to make them look modern and appealing. We can achieve it, first and foremost, by 2D and 3D-artists and animators skillful work.
The biggest part of 2D and 3D characters is people, various creatures, fauna and flora, robots, even objects like household appliances or, for example, furniture.
But before bringing life to the characters, the animator have to imagine them and put them on paper or use a computer.

3D character creation consists of several stages:
Idea and sketching
Modeling – three-dimensional object creation
3D model’s texture and material overlay
Animation – “bringing characters to life”

Character creation starts from the original idea. First, we describe his main features, for example, gender, personality and age. All of this is extensivelynoted in TORs and based on that, the designer starts concept creation. Next the character is drawn in a series of concept art, it shows how the character will look like in different poses, while doing various actions. The artist creates different character variations until the character looks memorable and unique.
After creating and approving the character concept art, we begin realizing it in 3D or 2D. The key challenge here is to comply with real proportions for the sake of correct motion physics. The character needs to look natural and seem “alive” with every motion.

The 3D characters, which you will see in films and videos, are the result of whole experienced professional crew’s hard work. To achieve success in such areas you need to work a lot, learn a lot and keep an eye on specialists’ advices.

CUBINCUP animation studio for a long time creates high quality animation, has a huge experience, which is shown in our work. Our animators directly follow the terms of reference, take animation specifics into account and are ready to accomplish the most unique suggestions of the client.